Interview with Your Dog: Fred

Our first interview subject in this series is Fred.

Mr. Fred Jenkins-Downie
Let’s begin, shall we?
WOOF: Fred! Look, I have your pig.
FRED: I see that. I would certainly love to play with that.

WOOF: No problem. Just get up on your couch and help us fill out this little bio.

(Flash of black and tan fur…)

WOOF: Fred, are you ready?

FRED: <squeak, chomp, squeak>

WOOF: Fred!

FRED: Do you want to play with my pig?
WOOF: Not right now Fred. Right now we need you to fill out the form so everyone knows your vital statistics.
(Fred picks up a pencil and gets to work. We did not document this because he asked us not to.)
NAME: Fred 
PARENTS: Lisa and Terry (I love them so much! They feed me and pet me and love me and I love them so much!)
BREED: Welsh Terrier I’ve been told.
AGE: 3 years, 8 months my parents tell me but I don’t feel a day over 2
WEIGHT: 17 pounds and proud of it
SEX: boy dog
INTERESTING FACT: allergic to wheat but many treats don’t contain wheat… did you know hot dogs are wheat free so if you want to give me a hot dog I could eat it
NEUTERED?: no comment
PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT: fully vaccinated and didn’t cry once
WOOF: Thank you, Fred! Now, please sit down for the formal interview.
WOOF: Very good! Now let’s go!
WOOF: No, Fred we’re not going anywhere! Stay there and try to answer these questions.
FRED: Will there be toys involved?
WOOF: Soon, Fred. First question: what’s the hardest thing about being a dog?
FRED: It’s great being a dog!
WOOF: Really? There’s nothing at all? We know you always seem happy but there must be something that bothers you. How was your puppyhood?
FRED: My puppyhood was great! But there might be one thing that’s hard! Not being able to play with  my toys. Can we play with my toys? I’ve lined them up on the chair so you can throw them several times and I can run and catch them and then you can throw them again several times.
(Flying leap off the couch.)

WOOF: Fred, you’ve knocked my camera sideways. 
FRED: What?
WOOF: The camera…it’s sideways.
FRED: What’s sideways?
WOOF: Never mind. Let’s continue. Please resume your seat on the couch.
WOOF: Great, but the camera is still broken.
FRED: I’m sorry, you seem preoccupied with that thing you’re holding. Meanwhile, I have one question for you: can I have my toy?
WOOF: (sigh) Of course. 
FRED: <squeak, squeak>
WOOF: Well, Fred, we think that should do it. Thank you very much for the interview.
FRED: Wait, that’s it?

 WOOF: Well, yes – we think we’ve tired you out. And the camera is still broken. Is there something else?

FRED: Yes, I had borrowed a scarf so you could take my official portrait.

WOOF: Okay Fred, but the camera is still broken. The picture will be be sideways. Is that ok?

 FRED: What’s sideways?

And that was our first Interview with Your Dog, starring Fred.

Tune in next time –

Maybe YOUR DOG will be next!



Good morning sunshine!

Mornings at WOOF start early.
Bitsy McNaughton, Olive Preble and Lady Hans
Some would say too early.
Duke and Ellie White
Ina and Tola Sellars-Cover


Bella Spamer
It’s 7 am and time for our boarding dogs at WOOF to GET UP!
If there’s any grumbling we remind them that it’s their own fault. 
(Oliver Ballard-Mick, remember you just HAD to stay up and finish your Friday night movie.)
But even those reluctant to pry themselves off their comfy Kuranda beds jump right up when they realize that the day is starting and certain good things are ahead.
Certain crunchy things that will be put in a bowl to be consumed by certain hungry individuals.
Yes, that’s right. IT IS ALMOST TIME.
Did you hear a bowl, Heidi and Beau Blomeyer?
Travis Wang and Hudson Glassman are certain they did.
Lizzy Oliva has her set up ready to go!
Well, hold on everybody. Here at WOOF, after our boarding dogs get their wake up call, their first order of business is – well, doing their business. 
No need for embarrassment, Lola Lobas.

We round everyone up and send them outside to use our special, high-tech K9 grass. Like real grass, it’s fun to squish your toes into – but so much nicer when everything drains through the anti-microbial fibers.
Ah, the wonders of technology.
Potty time goes quickly because everyone who’s anyone knows that breakfast time immediately follows.
Excuse me. I must get inside.
But as soon as the bowls go down, it’s all over. 
Everyone is rearing to go, go, go after breakfast. But we know that full bellies and hard play do not mix. So we institute a mandatory 10 minute digestion break.
Axle Kantor wonders what is taking so long.
Hold on….
Five more minutes…
It’s killing me!
Okay, go have fun!

After all, we know there are many adventures to be had at WOOF before the sun sets again.
Cooper and Tucker James know there are kisses to steal from WOOF owner Jacque.
Winston Connell understands there are seats to be claimed.
Gixer Anderson has igloos to conquer.
Lola Hansen has general busy-bodying to do.
And there’s always more movies to watch.
Soon it is night time again and the bed is calling. Our big Great Dane friend Baxter Holbrook curls up and waits for tomorrow.
(Proving our beds are big enough for even our largest guests!)
Jacque’s dog Joseph finds suitable lodging in her office. We’re pretty sure he knows where we keep the bully sticks too.
We usually have room for everyone in our boarding hotel. Here’s where you can find our current rates. Please let us know if you have any questions or special requests!
The inn is open 7 days a week.


It’s Valentine’s Day at WOOF!

It was just another Tuesday at WOOF Daycare and Boarding in beautiful San Ramon, California.

Some of our guests were sleepy.

Some, like German Shepherd Ginger Keane, were hungry.

Others, like Travis Wang the Siberian Husky, were just really excited to greet the day.

But there was something else about this chilly winter Tuesday that had the crowd stirring.

Jake Wengert, the handsome Boxer, saw something on the boarding sheet that was a definite clue.

(The heart might have given it away.)

That’s right! It’s Valentine’s Day at WOOF! And when you combine dozens of sweet little dog faces with the sweetest day of the year, well – you just might find yourself on cuteness-and-love overload.

Some guests could barely hold their composure.


We called every one’s attention and began the celebration with identifying the guest with the most Valentine’s spirit.

It was a nail-bitter while the votes were cast and tallied.

Tola and Ina Cover-Sellars watched to make sure there was no cheating.
Gus Pike was just happy to be nominated.
Coco Walsh wanted to know who won already.

And the award went to….

Bitsy McNaughton! Who was sleeping at the time.


Bitsy, left

Everyone agreed that Bitsy’s red sweater with the embroidered “Loved” on the back proved her the undeniable winner. Woof Receptionist Elisa and Handler Deztiney presented the award to a stunned Bitsy.

Deztiney, left, holding Bitsy and Elisa, right, receiving Bitsy’s kiss
When Bitsy composed herself we explained that – out of all the dogs at Woof today- she was voted with most Valentine’s spirit. Upon hearing this news, she went insane with excitement, swooping Deztiney into what can only be described as a vortex of dog love.
Once everyone congratulated Bitsy and settled down to play, the humans enjoyed lunch, courtesy of Woof Handler Nicky. She had a $20 winning lottery ticket and decided to treat the Woof staff to some Valentine’s pizza.
(Thanks go to Nicky and the State of California for this gigantic pepperoni pie.)
But even though this was a special day, responsibilities had to be tended to. Jake needed his lunch.
Coco wanted to have some Tennis Ball Extravaganza time.
(But really, when does Coco not want that?)
And Pancho, the wonderful little male mixed breed Woof owner Jacque Preble recently rescued from Mexico, just wanted to snuggle with his duck.
(Hes’ up for adoption, you know! Ask Jacque for details.)
Oh, we might want to formally introduce Jacque – Woof is her pride and joy and she often goes on trips to Mexico to contribute to the great doggie charities down there. Here she is just last week in Mexico, lending a hand to the less fortunate pups of the world:
But back to the story.
Eventually our guests’ moms and dads began to trickle in and Valentine’s Day was winding down. One by one, the dogs were led out of the big door and chauffered home.
But not before several loud canine hints could be heard, asking for one more little Valentine’s treat, conveniently sold by our exit door.
Pancho stayed behind, ready to go home with Jacque, his foster mom until he finds his forever home. We tried to get him to say some final words, but we think the day was just too much for him.
So allow us to say HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from Woof! We are so happy you entrust us with your little furry loved ones and are so amazed that playing with dogs all day is our job. 🙂
Please stay tuned to this blog, which we plan to update with new stories from Woof regularly. Share it with your friends – the more the merrier, we always say.
Until then, see you on the flip side.