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Farewell Cairo

There are a lot of little faces running around WOOF every day.

Little faces in birthday hats.

Little faces posing patiently so we can send pictures to parents in Hawaii.


And little faces that just come up and surprise us.

(Whoa! Where’d you come from?)

And sometimes these little faces have to move away and it makes us a little heartbroken.

Meet Cairo.

Just your average, black, 65 lb, 3 year old pit bull mix.

Today was his last day. And we were sad.

He’s only been in our day care program since June. One wouldn’t think we’d get all torn up about a dog we only knew for such a short time.

But Cairo was one of those dogs. (And truth be told, aren’t they all?)

So we had to mark this day – September 12 – and say a proper goodbye to our relatively new friend.

Some quick Cairo facts:

  • Dad Zach boarded him with us five days a week so we saw him quite often.
  • He looked tough on the outside but was a gentle soul on the inside.
  • He once jumped up on my back and licked my hair. (?!)
  • We had to be careful using the hose around him because he would attack the nozzle. (DIE, NOZZLE, DIE!!)

All in all, he was a pleasure to have around.

So good luck to Zach returning to school in San Luis Obispo. (Studying something to do with business and engineering I couldn’t quite understand.)

And goodbye to sweet Cairo. You were here for a short time but we’ll always remember you.

We’ll keep an eye on that evil hose for you too.



Vickie Jean and staff at WOOF