TIPS FOR NEW PET PARENTS- This will be an ongoing series I will be writing over the next few weeks- Introducing a new dog to the family can bring plenty of excitement, sweet snuggles and puppy kisses. However, there are also plenty of pratical steps to consider to successfully transition a pup into its new environment. Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or a first time puppy parent, these tips can help your newest family member feel right at home. Stay tuned for the next post and tip #1


Another reason why dogs are awesome

Check out this story from USA TODAY: Dogs may sniff out lung cancer, research says

Here’s another reason to love dogs. Using their super-sensitive noses, dogs were able to sniff out lung cancer in samples of human blood with 97% accuracy.


A feel good story…

A feel good story! Maintaining a K-9 program is expensive and very time consuming and that is why many agencies the size of the Powhatan Sheriff’s Office do not have one. But incidents like last night’s two 8 year old children being lost in the woods are why the Sheriff keeps the program going strong.
Parents and neighbors had valiantly been searching the woods for the children for 45 minutes in the failing daylight when the call was made to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies (including K-9 Bane) joined the effort in short order. Within 15 minutes of K-9 Bane entering the woods he was able to track and locate the children. As soon as the children were home safe he was back on patrol eager for the next call for service.
Job well done K-9 Bane!


Another Recall….

I found this article last night and felt compelled to share with our readers. This is the second article in the past 2 weeks I have read concerning dog food and potential dangers/recalled products. Over the past few years, dog owners have seen a lot of companies emerge with food alternatives to your traditional Purina/Dog Foods that we all remember feeding our dogs. This has been very exciting for us as owners; however, we need to be aware of the brands, manufacturers, etc and do our homework.



Dog Bloat- Have you heard of this?

SourceURL:https://business.google.com/posts/l/01320112259316693386 Posts Dog bloat is a common condition that can be dangerous, even deadly for our best friends. What is dog bloat? Bloat happens when a dog’s stomach fills with gas, food or fluid, making it expand. The stomach can put pressure on other organs. Bloat can cause dangerous problems such as: Restricting blood to the heart and stomach lining, tear in the wall of the stomach, difficulty breathing. In some cases, the dog’s stomach will rotate or twist trapping blood in the stomach preventing it from returning to the heart and other area of the body. This can send your dog into shock and will require immediate attention. Vets are not 100% positive what causes bloat but there are some things that can increase the risk: Eating quickly, running or playing after he eats, having one large meal a day or eating or drinking to much. At Woof, we have created processes to avoid Bloat. First, in our initial interview we ask owners about their dogs eating habits and document this in our database. Once the dog is deemed a Woof dog we carefully monitor every dogs meal and consumption. We take detailed notes every stay to limit questions regarding their eating behaviors/patterns. Lastly, we have a mandatory rest period after each meal for every dog ( typically 30 -45 minutes) to facilitate the digestion process.


Benefits of Quality Day Care

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This is Rustie and Harry playing at Woof in the daycare area. Both vets and dog training professionals agree that dog daycare is a healthy way for dogs to exercise their minds and bodies. Instead of worrying that your dog is bored or anxious alone at home, you can bring them to Woof for safe, fun day in a supervised and stimulating environment. A busy dog = a happy owner. Canines often cause trouble when they are bored or anxious, destructive behaviors like chewing, biting or barking will often surface with a bored dog. These types of behaviors are not fun for your dog, your neighbors, or you. Daycare at Woof is engaging and active. Your dog will receive the physical exercise they need to stay in shape and be on your good list! Bring your dog to Woof and they will come home happy and tired!

Wet weather, sick dogs…see the latest from one of our partner vets

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Hello Woof Team, We have seen an increasing number of dogs with kennel cough in the last few weeks they are coming in with symptoms after boarding or being at many of the tri-valley kennels and boarding facilities. We thought the attached may help you provide information to your dog owners about this virus, symptoms and how to care for their dogs. Please let me know if you have any questions,  Margaret Simuro Hospital Director Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care O: 925.327.0790

Kennel Cough and Upper Respiratory Infections are highly contagious conditions in the upper respiratory system of dogs. When an infected dog coughs or sneezes, the disease becomes airborne and can be transmitted to other dogs without direct contact. The close proximity at dog parks, behavior classes, boarding, or grooming facilities provides the environment the disease needs to spread. Much like a cold or flu in humans, an infected dog’s immune system often clears the infection without medical intervention.
We have recently seen higher rates of dogs presenting for the common signs and symptoms of Kennel Cough and other Upper Respiratory Infections. Dr. Kristi Peterson of Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center is here to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about these infectious diseases.
What are the signs and symptoms?
Dogs with Kennel Cough or Upper Respiratory Infections often show the following signs:  Sneezing or Reverse Sneezing  Coughing  Eye and Nasal Discharge
How long does it take for the signs to resolve?
 Much like in humans, the infection is self-limiting and the dog’s immune system will mount an immune response to fight the infection within one week.
How long is my dog contagious?  Every strain is different and therefore has a varying lengths of time, however most dogs are no longer contagious after 2 weeks.
What are the common treatments?  As in people with a cold or flu, there often are not any treatments or medications necessary while the infection runs its course. If your dog is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, such as a severe cough or difficulty breathing, cough suppressants and antibiotics may be prescribed.
My dog is vaccinated, can s/he still get kennel cough?  Yes, as with the flu vaccine in humans, vaccines for dogs do not cover every strain of Kennel Cough or Upper Respiratory Infection.
When should I bring my dog in?
If your dog exhibits any of the following, they should be seen by a veterinarian for assessment:  Lethargy  Not eating  A cough so severe they cannot rest  Difficulty breathing  Concern for fever
If you are concerned your dog is in respiratory distress, has severe lethargy, or any of the above signs, please contact Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center by dialing 925-866-8387 for assistance.
We are located at:
2000 Bishop Drive San Ramon, CA 94583
Our Hours of Operation are: Monday- Friday: 7am-10pm Saturday & Sunday: 8am-8pm