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Daycare, Front Desk Boarding

Alex has been at WOOF for a few years and loves to take professional-looking photos of your dogs! When not here, she’s either spending time with her family and dogs or she is traveling.



Carlie is a Junior at Monte Vista High School in Danville and an honor student with goals of working with animals for the rest of her life. She is one of our hardest workers and always puts the animals first. She has been employed here for over a year and we consider ourselves very lucky to have her.


Crystal has visited almost all 50 states in the U.S. and loves to travel. She has always had dogs, and currently nurtures a rescue she loves very much!



Eliza is a college grad who loves to work with animals and was very happy to join the WOOF team, since she doesn’t have a dog at home. In her free time she likes to cook and also do paintings.


Daycare and Boarding

Grace is a newer employee at WOOF who is fantastic with the dogs. When she isn’t studying, she raises pigs for 4H!


Daycare and Boarding

Jacquie grew up with 2 Dachsunds and is currently raising a pitbull/ chow chow mix puppy. She started at Wag and wanted to continue working with adorable dogs, which brought her to WOOF. When not here, you can find her swim coaching kids, or hanging out with her puppy.


Josh is a college student who enjoys working with animals, especially dogs, and is very excited to be a part of the WOOF family. In his free time, you can find him hiking or playing video games!


Front Desk

Juliana is a student at Holy Names University and has 6 dogs, mainly rescues from Mexico! She is a natural with the dogs and works the PM shift on the front desk Monday through Friday.



A junior at Monte Vista and an honor student as well, her and Carlie have very similar traits. She loves animals, is a kind soul, and is extremely focused. When not at Woof, you can find her playing Piano or with her dogs at home.



Nick grew up locally, attending Cal High School. Since his youth, Nick has been enamored by dogs. He is currently enrolled in college and hopes to continue to work with animals throughout his career.