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What is Canine Cough?

Canine cough, also known as kennel cough, Bordetella, and canine infectious respiratory disease, is an upper respiratory infection, similar to the human cold. It causes the trachea and bronchioles to become inflamed, resulting in a dry, hacking cough. Although it’s typically harmless, it is very contagious. (Read more about canine cough here).

How will I know if my dog has it? 

Watch your dog for “coughing”. A dog cough doesn’t sound like a human cough but a deep hack, as if something is stuck in their throats. Canine cough may also sound like honking. You may also notice a runny nose, lethargy, and/or lack of appetite. 

What should I do if my dog coughs? 

There is no cure for canine cough, but there are lots of home remedies that can make your dog more comfortable that you can check out here. Like the human cold, it must run its course. If you take your dog to the veterinarian, let them know he or she was exposed to canine cough. This can save you costly diagnostics and help your vet treat your dog more effectively. Your vet may prescribe a cough suppressant and/or antibiotics to stave off secondary infection. 

How long do I have to keep my dog away from other dogs? 

Please do not bring your dog to WOOF or any other place where dogs congregate if they are showing any symptoms of canine cough.  Infected dogs may return to WOOF after they are cough-free for seven days or have clearance from their veterinarian.  

My dog is vaccinated. Why did they still develop canine cough?

Much like the human flu virus, the Bordetella vaccine can be hit or miss that it will cover the current strain of the virus going around. Please keep in mind that infected dogs may show no symptoms at all, passing the virus to other dogs before they begin coughing themselves. Likewise, no level of screening, requirements, or sanitation that we do here at WOOF can prevent an airborne illness from doing what airborne illnesses do best – infecting as many hosts as possible!

If your dog has developed canine cough, please let us know so we can send out an alert to our WOOF community to watch for symptoms in their dogs.