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Who wants a puppy?

We mentioned Jacque’s impending trip to help at a spay-neuter clinic in Mexico (read here) but wanted to give you more information about the puppies we mentioned who are up for adoption down there.

OMG, puppies.

Can you smell that magical puppy smell through your computer monitor?

The organization Jacque will be working with – Salyulitanimals – rescued a mom and five puppies off the streets about four months ago. They spayed and neutered them, gave them their vaccines and a makeshift home at their facility.

However, they are not a shelter and are very anxious to place these wonderful pups asap. (And Mama too, if anyone is looking for an adult!)

If you have room in your heart (and living room) for a new little family member, please read on.

Jacque leaves for Mexico on September 30 and is asking for a minimum $100 donation to fly your new puppy home. All are about four months old, socialized, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and in good health.

Now, without further ado… LET’S MEET THE PUPPIES!



SEX: male – neutered

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: high energy, protective, bulky and strong, loves to play and dominate, needs a firm owner, is in dog training classes right now to shape him into a nice young gentleman.



SEX: female – spayed

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: extremely well behaved, quiet, loves water, very playful, loves toys, attention and gets along well with all other dogs.



SEX: male – neutered

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: very sweet, slightly shy, loves toys and bouncing around, extremely playful.


SEX: female – spayed

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: extremely shy, always on her back, loves belly pats, quiet, reserved, just wants security, peace, and gentle love.


SEX: female – spayed

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: all around awesome, very vocal, LOVES water (always sitting in her water bowl, biting at the water spout , loves to be soaked), very playful, sweet, and listens well.


SEX: female – spayed (now!)

AGE: about one year

PERSONALITY: very loving, craves approval, easily trained, perhaps 1 year old, loyal, vocal, and loves to play.

And there you have it – six beautiful little lives you can change by opening your homes and sharing your lives.

Contact WOOF or Jacque at for more details.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF