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(No More) Bad Dog Photos

Fact: Dogs are the cutest.

Fact: We love to take pictures of them.

Sad Fact: Dogs don’t understand how cute they are, or cameras, or why we’re taking pictures of them, and generally tend move at the exact wrong moment –  RIGHT WHEN YOU TRY TO TAKE THEIR PICTURE!

Case in point:

What’s that thing you’re holding? I want to smell it.

It’s quite easy to understand. One minute your dog is looking at you – you amusing human, you – and it’s just you and him, sharing a moment.

Hi there! I love you so much! Let’s play! Let’s eat! Let’s nap!

The next thing they know, you’re not an amusing human, but have almost disappeared entirely, your face that was once looking at them replaced with some weird camera or smart phone in front of it.

I gotta go.

You can’t really blame them. They don’t understand that device you just put in front of your face doesn’t mean you want them to leave. And they especially don’t understand when that device shoots a horrible flash in their eyes.

I mean, what’d ya do that for?

So – us loving, photo-happy dog owners – tend to go running after our furry models, squeaking toys over our heads, squealing their names  – all to alienate the poor little things and end up with nothing but a bunch of throw-aways.

It’s only once in a while, when all the stars align,that  we get lucky. When the lighting is just right. When we we haven’t lost our pup’s interest. When they haven’t moved.

… the very rare photo magic happens.

(Beautiful blue eyes don’t hurt.)

But more often than not – it’s COMPLETE, BLURRY DOGGIE CHAOS.

(I am not even quite sure who we were trying to capture in these…)

While smart phones have helped a lot – DELETE, DELETE, DELETE! – sometimes you need to go the extra mile get a portrait of your dog that’s not just iPhone-worthy, but truly “blow-it-up-and-hang-it-in-the-living-room” frame-worthy.

And here’s your chance!

This weekend, longtime WOOF friend and expert Pet Photographer Tonya Perme will be on site in our daycare building taking pet portraits for a mere $30.

Many of you have already signed up for Saturday’s sessions but if we get enough response, we are considering booking more sessions on Sunday.


Call WOOF 925-855-9663 or Tonya 510-421-0887 to book your time slot.

Bring your sweet dog or cat camera-ready (but aren’t they always?)

Expect a 5 to 10 minute photo shoot during which Tonya will snap away, getting as many perfectly lit, natural shots of your baby possible

Walk away with a 4 x 6 print, and the option to browse online for more prints!

For multiple pets, Tonya will capture a good group shot, then try for as many individuals during your allotted time as possible.

This is a good opportunity to bring your dog to a place he or she is already comfortable coming to (yay WOOF!) and get that holiday card shot you always wanted.

Faturing the most beautiful and inspiring living being on, you know, the planet.


Minus the kennel obstruction and with poor lighting, of course.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF