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What do dogs see?

It’s a common misconception that dogs only see in black and white.

Care to weigh in, Pancho?

Well, turns out it’s not necessarily true.

Most experts agree dogs see just as many colors as we do. Their eyes have rods (discerning black and white) and cones (discerning color) The only difference is that maybe their green looks grey and their yellow looks green…that sort of thing.

Kind of boggles the mind.

Travis thinks we think too much as it is. (I agree, Travis.)

Whatever the real truth is (Travis?) – at WOOF, we love color.

I mean, have you seen our snazzy new door mats? Seriously.

In fact, WOOF’s facilities are full of color. And we’re not just talking about the decor.

Oh, Ricki Bobbi.

What lovely pigtails you have, Mac.

Happy birthday, Milo.

COLORFUL is the word all right.

Luckily, we also have an equally colorful staff, full of creativity. One of which is Nicky, our resident artist.

Nicky volunteered to paint a mural in our daycare area because – while it had some color – it just wasn’t colorful enough.

Here’s the daycare before:

Green bottom, white top. Not bad – but not very stimulating.

Nicky took care of that problem with gusto.

She and sister Jenna (who works in the front office) spent a whole weekend painting a masterpiece.

Some familiar faces showed up.

Cartoon Baxter meet…

The real Baxter!

 Cartoon Jake meet…

Meet real Jake!

Soon the large wall buffeting big dog playland was fully adorned with a kind of canine nirvana.

It’s so big and beautiful, in fact, it’s impossible to fully capture without a panoramic camera.

We’re not quite sure if the dogs are noticing the difference. But it’s definitely more fun for us to look at and – if the experts are right – it is offering the some mental stimulation!

We’re just not sure what they think. 😎

However, we do know the aforementioned Jake – a true ham among hams – was happy to be immortalized.

He showed us his gratitude in the one way we know FOR SURE dogs and humans share.

We love you too buddy.