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Frozen doggie treats are here!

Meet Turk.

turk the corgi at WOOF dog day care and boarding

One tri-color, male-neutered Welsh Corgi, age two, enjoying a boarding stay in sunny San Ramon’s WOOF Daycare & Boarding.

Turk doesn’t know it yet but he is about to have a wonderous encounter with something inside WOOF’s refrigerator.

Note the sign.

And as promised –

freezy bones WOOF dog daycare and boarding

A stack of bone-shaped frozen treats.

Yes, in celebration of summer, WOOF now has frozen treats you can order for your dog while they stay with us. It’s part of the “bedtime treats” option which you can find on the online check in here

Now, remember Turk?

His parents – Jeanmarie and Tom – did just that!

So we documented this delicious encounter of the frozen kind so you can see how DELICIOUS they are!

First, the sniff test –


Second, place on floor and watch the magic.

Get yer face in there, Turk!

Scoot it across the floor until you find a Freezy Bone back stop.


Dog butt view. (In black and white for extra drama.)

And just like that, no more Freezy Bone.

All good things must come to and end and it was time to put Turk back into play group.

“Oh, hi guys.”


“What’d you get, what’d you get?”

“Well, if you must know, my parents bought me a freezy bone.”

“And I liked it.”

If you’d like to add a Freezy Bone treat to your dog’s visit, let the front desk know or sign up for it on your online check in form. Each treat is $4.

(Note Freezy Bones are dairy-free and low calorie, but consult your veterinarian if your doggie has dietary issues!)

Tell them Turk sent ya.


Vickie @ WOOF