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Fireworks and dogs

Oh dear. It’s coming.

out the window

It’s the countdown to the big 4th of July celebration. To humans this means big fun: barbecues, friends and – the best part – fireworks!

And to dogs? It’s the countdown to RANDOM AND UNEXPLAINED EXPLOSIONS from outside.


We get a lot of calls around this time of year from worried owners about fireworks. I hear the same stories:

“My dog races around the house and hides in the bathtub.”

“She just goes crazy – and I can’t do anything to console her.”

“I tried getting sedatives but it only made it worse.”

Many of them who live near big celebratory areas want to board their dogs with us until the smoke clears. (And you can too! But I’d recommend you request your reservation now – we book up quickly.)

Since we’ve confronted this question so many times (and I’ve had the problem myself with my hyper-sensitive German Shepherd), here are a few tips on what you can do to make the fireworks seasons a little less stressful on you and your dog.

I want to say upfront though – there’s no guarantee that anything works 100% of the time. But these tips are worth trying and – depending on your particular dog and what she responds to – you might just find the magic bullet that really works for you.

pug fireworks

Sorry sweetie. I didn’t mean to say bullet!

1. Don’t baby them through it.

Contrary to what seems the most natural thing to do – hold your scared dog tight and speak softly and pet them – don’t do this! The extra coddling reinforces to them that SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG and, yes, they do NEED TO BE VERY AFRAID. Why else is mom or dad acting so concerned?

2. Act as if everything is normal.

You know how Cesar Milan says to use “calm, assertive” energy? It totally works. Your dog is very sensitive to how you feel. So make sure, even if you are freaking out a bit, keep yourself calm and act naturally to show your dog nothing is wrong. I have trouble with this all the time with my dog, who is leash aggressive. But every time an off-leash dogs comes running up, I take a deep breath and talk to both dogs with a calm, normal voice – and it does really help not escalate the situation.

3. Close the doors and windows and turn up the radio.

Drowning out (or at least lessening) the firework noise can take your dog down from Level 10 Freak out to a more manageable Level 6.

4. Let them cope how they choose.

If your dog likes to hide under the bed, jump into the bathtub, or wedge themselves behind the couch – LET THEM. If they go into their crate, leave the door open in case they want to run somewhere else. One of the saddest things I’ve heard owners doing is locking their dog in a crate while they go out and the dog chews her way out in a panic. (My dog has broken all her canine teeth in half from doing this before I adopted her.)

5. Do a medication practice run.

There are several things your vet can prescribe as sedatives but please always try dosing your dog prior to the big day. You never know when a med is going to make your dog feel weird and therefore, react more frenetically to stress. It’s important to remember that they don’t understand when they feel different and sometimes it scares them.

6. Over the counter sedatives.

Dogs can usually take the supplement  melatonin or the allergy medication Benadryl (diphenhydramine) safely and it helps them become a little sleepy and more relaxed. Consult your veterinarian for dosages and if your dog is okay to try it. (And again, try it on a calm day first to see how your dog reacts.)

7. Tire them out first.

A big, long hike or run right before showtime can really help take the edge off anxiety.

8. Distract them.

Use toys, food, smells – anything your dog typically responds to – to calm them during the height of their freak out. Dogs are in the moment so if you become a BIGGER MOMENT than the firework noise, they’ll relax.

9. Keep them inside.

So many dogs will try to escape and bolt once the noise kicks in. Make sure your dog is in the house, safe and secure. And microchips are always a great idea in case they do run off – at least you’ll have another hope of them being returned to you.

10. The leash umbilical cord.

Some dogs respond to being on their leash, “connected” to their owners. It works for some people to tie the leash to their belt loop and let their dogs walk around with them while they go about their normal business.

Your veterinarian may have some more tips for you. Don’t give up – with a little preparation and thought, you can get through the holiday even with the most anxious of dogs.

And – of course – we always have a nice, quiet refuge at WOOF if need be.

family stays XOXO and be safe out there!

Vickie Jean @ WOOF


Dog on-the-job training

We take our roles as guardians to your dogs very seriously. Our priorities stay steadfast:

* Be safe

* Play hard

* Have fun

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t also teach one of life’s most important lessons:

* Have marketable skills


Sure, the economy is slowly improving. But things aren’t the way they used to be. Every penny counts. And we figure, since you’ve invested in WOOF as clients, we want to invest in your financial future.

It’s time to put our dogs to work.

Who couldn’t use an extra income? And don’t let these dogs fool you – they are quite capable.

So we brought everyone together and explained the WOOF Dog Training Program. Every dog took an intensive job profile personality test. Sure, there were some eye rolls. And sure, we had to repeat ourselves several times to those who lost focus when a ball flew by.

But overall, we are off to a very promising start.


(Handyman training)

It is probably not surprising that many of our trainees gravitated toward food and hospitality.

Travis, for example, volunteered to be a Taste Tester.

taste tester

Pig ears? Bully sticks? Bully sticks? Pig ears?

He described an alluring gamey/piquant quality of the pig ear. Good information because they both smell equally disgusting to us. Thanks Travis!

Some dogs tested more on the artistic, creative level. More left-brained, more emotional. Fiercely fashion-conscious.


Sadie, La Artiste


A future in retail?

cruise director

Party Planner

cruise director and guest

Party Planner, plus Socialite


Stylist to the stars

Other dogs really just wanted a good, old-fashioned trade. They are not afraid of getting a little dirty, getting up a little early, and seemed to respond to wearing uniforms.


Dog Valet

valet in full uniform

Whoops, forgot the hat

valet safety coordinator

Dog Valet Safety Coordinator

Other dogs seemed to really value being a leader. They weren’t afraid to rattle a few cages, be large-and-in-charge. (To be honest, they were a bit power-hungry.)

Jake jumped at the chance to become Human Resources Director. He sat Dog Handler Frankie down for her annual review.

human resources director 1

He didn’t mince words

human resources director 3

It was pretty intense

human resources director


Unfortunately, not everyone took their training seriously. Olive, for example, refused to do anything that was too mentally or physically taxing. She stuck to her strongest skill:

office gossip

Total Office Gossip

Oh well.

Interestingly enough, there was one job that every dog was perfectly suited to do.


Mental Health Counselor

It doesn’t pay that much but the benefits are immense.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF


Doggie sweethearts

It’s Valentine’s Day once again at WOOF.

A day of fun! A day of love! A day of excitement!


Really, it’s nothing we’re not used to.  😎

But this particular day is really special – and worth celebrating. For one, the WOOF blog turns one year old today.

lizzy birthday

Exactly one year ago, I had my very first day at work here as the manager/social media and blogger lady –  and I didn’t waste any time in writing my first post.

And really, how could I resist? It was Valentine’s Day! (Plus, sometimes I do like to push limits…)

vickie and desi

So we had to top ourselves in celebrating one of the greatest days of love – and one of the greatest loves of all…

Dog love!

dog love

Dog handler Nicky – one of our resident artists – had pictures, red construction paper and an idea.



sweet hearts at woof

Doggie sweethearts at WOOF!

They do exist, you know.

sweet hearts

Real-life, inseparable, dog couples in our playgroups.

kona travis

Take Kona and Travis, for example. They’re an obvious match because they’re what we like to refer to as “breed buddies.” (Which I’ve also blogged about before.)

Let me just describe what this kind of doggie sweetheart-dom looks like from an insider’s perspective. It’s morning at the WOOF daycare and dogs are trickling in. As each dog comes in the chute, everyone gathers around, excited to sniff the new kid of the day.

The dog enters group, sniffing ensues, everyone runs around and the next dog arrives.

Rinse and repeat.

BUT for our doggie sweethearts, the excitement (or shall I say attachment?) continues throughout the entire day. They are usually found, side by side – running in a pair. Or snoozing in the sun, curled up next to each other.

And can I say there is a little bit of an extra sense of excitement when their sweetheart arrives?

betty bueller

And a little sad sense of melancholy when their sweetheart leaves?

bitsy charlie

It’s a real thing, people.

charlie close

Charlie totally knows what I’m talking about.

I mean, I’m even tempted to give these couples a portmanteau – a fancy term for when you combine two words into one.

You know like Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = Brangelina.

Let’s see if we can make this work.

coco fred


gemma apollo


jake licorice

 How about Lake? No, that’s no good.

In any case, we thought we’d share some of our most obvious doggie sweethearts with you on our wall for this very special day.

lucy murphy

maverick fiona

rex dixie

We found that most owners already knew about their dog’s love lives at WOOF. And some were surprised!

shadow denali

Oh, Shadow and Denali. You can’t hide a love like your’s forever.

denali close

Just look at her. Love struck.

So, may we officially wish a Happy, Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! We do love taking care of your little lovebirds every day.

And finger’s crossed nobody breaks up. I’d like to reuse these for next year.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF


All kinds of cuddles

At WOOF, we try to give our guests all the creature comforts of home.

creature comforts

But we know that all the fancy kennels, beds and treats in the world can’t really replace one very important thing.


Human touch.

While your dog is here with us, we do as much individual hugging, reassuring, playing and positive touch as possible. No small feat with our dynamic, active play groups!

ears up

Woo hoo!

With this in mind DID YOU KNOW you could “schedule” individual cuddle time for your pup while staying with us? (Read all about it on our boarding services tab.)

owner cuddle

For dogs used to lots and lots of individual attention at home, this can really enhance their stay and ensure they get all the special human touch they are used to! And – especially for the lovesick, vacationing parents out there – each session includes an e-mailed or texted photo so you can check in with your pup while you’re away.

In honor of our “cuddle time,” we have put together some of our CUDDLE TIME GREATEST HITS photos.

aerial cuddle

 Aerial cuddle

bedtime cuddle

Night-night cuddle

big couch cuddle

Big dog, big couch cuddle

birthday cuddle

Birthday cuddle

goofy cuddle

Goofy cuddle

double cuddle

Double cuddle

double basset cuddle

Double basset cuddle

double basset kiss cuddle

Double basset blurry kiss cuddle

pajama day cuddle

Pajama day cuddle

And my personal favorite:

let it all hang out cuddle

Let-it-all-hang-out cuddle

So let us all remember to:

Cuddle hard

Cuddle often


Cuddle like nobody’s watching!

After all, it feels just as good to give as to get.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF


What CAN’T you feed your dog?

We all know this look.

dogs want treats

What are you eating?

It’s pretty hard to resist.

did someone say treat

I smell bacon.

While old-school dog wisdom was: never feed your dog people food, new-school rules have changed.

Feed a raw diet! Cook for your dog! Beware of additives, preservatives and everything non-organic!

Personally, I grew up with dogs who ate whatever was on sale. Sometimes we’d slip them a treat from the dinner table. Overall, they did okay.

As an adult, I worked at a veterinary hospital and my eyes were opened. I saw obese dogs suffer from arthritis. Every holiday season, we’d see a handful of very sick little dogs who’d eaten an entire box of See’s candy.

holidays are over but

No chocolate for you, Denali!

I had to educate myself and clients about things like pancreatitis, kidney stones and the dangers of bones splintering in the intestinal tract.

Needless to say, what is okay and not okay to feed your dog can be confusing. And no matter what your personal preferences are with “dog food” versus “people food”, there are some hard-and-fast rules that can help you make an informed decision.

Because, after all, they are definitely worth it!

keep them safe


Avocados – these have a fungicidal toxin called persin, which is not only in the fruit but in the leaves, bark and seeds. No guacamole bites!

Onions/garlic – destroys red blood cells, which leads to anemia. Watch out for onion powder in baby food, which is recommended sometimes for sick pups.

Grapes/raisins – researchers aren’t sure what they contain but studies show them to cause kidney failure in high quantities.

Macadamia nuts – like grapes and raisins, contains an unknown toxic element – as few as six can be fatal.

Xylitol – an artificial sweetener found in gum, mints and other products, it can spike insulin levels and eventually lead to liver failure.

Chocolate – contains varying amounts of theobromine, a chemical that is toxic in concentrated quantities. Milk chocolate has a little, baker’s chocolate has a lot – in general, the smaller the dog in body weight and the higher in concentration the theobromine, the more dangerous the chocolate!

Fat & bones – fatty, rich foods can overwhelm your dog’s system and lead to pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas. Bones, while safe in many instances, can sometimes splinter in your dog’s stomach and perforate the digestive tract – or create a blockage that might require surgical removal. Feed with caution!

Stone fruits – peaches, avocados, plums, etc., can be dangerous because the swallowed pit can cause an obstruction. Also, in some cases, the stones contain toxic elements like cynanide.

Raw eggs – besides the danger of e-coli or salmonella, raw eggs can block the absorption of vitamin B.

Unrised dough – don’t leave that dough to rise unattended! Ingested dough can rise in your dog’s tummy and cause a very unhappy situation.

Other common substances to monitor:

Advil/Ibuprofen: very toxic to dogs. Be sure to store these in a safe place and not to drop any on the floor.

Antifreeze: leaky antifreeze puddles on the garage floor or driveway can be very tempting to lick since it tastes sweet. Clean spills up immediately and store in a high cabinet/shelf.

That covers the basics of dog ingestion safety. In an emergency or if you’re ever in doubt, call your local veterinarian, emergency center or the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline at 1-888-426-4435 (note a $65 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card.)

But before I sign off, the dogs at WOOF wanted to make sure I gave you another message.


what treats are ok

Eating is one of your dog’s main joys in life. Don’t deprive them of things they love – so long as they’re not overweight, can tolerate the treat with no tummy upset and it’s not on the no-no list.

Because life should be enjoyed.

dont worry

And as Martha Stewart would say, that’s a good thing.



Vickie Jean @ WOOF


Secret Santa Stikes at WOOF


We did something totally sneaky!

Don’t tell anybody, but…

One day we rounded up the dogs and took professional photos of them to give to our WOOF moms and dads!

It was all owner Jacque’s idea. Just look at her scheming with Pet Photographer/Friend of WOOF Tonya Perme.

Denali says, “You are up to something, ladies!”

Jacque checked her Naughty & Nice List – otherwise known as our “Who’s In Daycare Today” report.

She checked it once…

She checked it twice…

Truth be told, they were all a LITTLE naughty but overall nice.

Jacque and Tonya quietly set up the boarding building with Tonya’s fabulous “photography studio to go”. (And she can do the same for you in your garage or large room – e-mail her at petrates@tonyaperme.com for more info…)

The dogs came over over, one by one.

Boarding guest Buffy was like, “hey – what is going on out there?”

We threw her a ball and said, “Shh! Buffy, don’t give us away!”

We set up the big light to capture their beautiful, furry features.

We enticed sweet little Whitney to be a brave girl and step in for her close up. She had to take her jacket off first.

Dog handler Nicky played assistant, and got Whitney into position on the backdrop.

Whitney was shy but Tonya found just the right moment and ….

A little bit of magic happened.

Tonya’s such a great pet photographer. One of her secrets is taking a WHOLE BUNCH OF PICTURES so that she can find just the right one. The other is making the most realistic cat sounds when necessary.

She said she will do anything – including making a complete fool of herself, to get the shot.

(She also wears cool shoes.)

She really gets down on her subject’s level.

You can’t hear it, but she’s making the cat sound for Oliver.

Jacque made sure our models were photo-ready.

Baxter didn’t say thank you, but we know he meant it!

All in all, almost 50 dogs were photographed in one day.

Evan insisted on a prop.

Olive is always ready to be adored.

Even Abby and Rex quieted down to capture this sweet moment.

We can’t wait to give these out to all the moms and dads! In fact, as I’m writing this post I have to WAIT to publish it so as not to ruin the surprise.

Just look at them. Barely containing themselves.

Happy, happy holidays from our family (human and canine) to yours.








(No More) Bad Dog Photos

Fact: Dogs are the cutest.

Fact: We love to take pictures of them.

Sad Fact: Dogs don’t understand how cute they are, or cameras, or why we’re taking pictures of them, and generally tend move at the exact wrong moment –  RIGHT WHEN YOU TRY TO TAKE THEIR PICTURE!

Case in point:

What’s that thing you’re holding? I want to smell it.

It’s quite easy to understand. One minute your dog is looking at you – you amusing human, you – and it’s just you and him, sharing a moment.

Hi there! I love you so much! Let’s play! Let’s eat! Let’s nap!

The next thing they know, you’re not an amusing human, but have almost disappeared entirely, your face that was once looking at them replaced with some weird camera or smart phone in front of it.

I gotta go.

You can’t really blame them. They don’t understand that device you just put in front of your face doesn’t mean you want them to leave. And they especially don’t understand when that device shoots a horrible flash in their eyes.

I mean, what’d ya do that for?

So – us loving, photo-happy dog owners – tend to go running after our furry models, squeaking toys over our heads, squealing their names  – all to alienate the poor little things and end up with nothing but a bunch of throw-aways.

It’s only once in a while, when all the stars align,that  we get lucky. When the lighting is just right. When we we haven’t lost our pup’s interest. When they haven’t moved.

… the very rare photo magic happens.

(Beautiful blue eyes don’t hurt.)

But more often than not – it’s COMPLETE, BLURRY DOGGIE CHAOS.

(I am not even quite sure who we were trying to capture in these…)

While smart phones have helped a lot – DELETE, DELETE, DELETE! – sometimes you need to go the extra mile get a portrait of your dog that’s not just iPhone-worthy, but truly “blow-it-up-and-hang-it-in-the-living-room” frame-worthy.

And here’s your chance!

This weekend, longtime WOOF friend and expert Pet Photographer Tonya Perme will be on site in our daycare building taking pet portraits for a mere $30.

Many of you have already signed up for Saturday’s sessions but if we get enough response, we are considering booking more sessions on Sunday.


Call WOOF 925-855-9663 or Tonya 510-421-0887 to book your time slot.

Bring your sweet dog or cat camera-ready (but aren’t they always?)

Expect a 5 to 10 minute photo shoot during which Tonya will snap away, getting as many perfectly lit, natural shots of your baby possible

Walk away with a 4 x 6 print, and the option to browse online for more prints!

For multiple pets, Tonya will capture a good group shot, then try for as many individuals during your allotted time as possible.

This is a good opportunity to bring your dog to a place he or she is already comfortable coming to (yay WOOF!) and get that holiday card shot you always wanted.

Faturing the most beautiful and inspiring living being on, you know, the planet.


Minus the kennel obstruction and with poor lighting, of course.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF







Dog Pirates

Tis almost Halloween and all month we’ve been trying to get as many pictures of our WOOF dogs in the only costume we had on hand.

One pirate hat:

I bought this snazzy number on sale for $5.99 at Petsmart with high hopes. Unfortunately, my dog (Desi the German Shepherd) would not keep it on long enough for a picture.

In fact, every time I photograph her she takes on a withering “woe is me” posture.

The dog hates having her picture taken.

I swear, in real life she is a very happy dog!

Anyway, the hat has been sitting in her basket ever since (mocking me) until I had the brilliant thought:

I work with dozens and dozens of dogs! And it’s almost Halloween!

The rest is Pirate Hat History.

Abby, the ghostly pirate.

Kiba, the frou frou pirate.

Penny, the pensive pirate.

Baxter, the formidable pirate.

Lola, the surprised pirate. 😯

Maggie, the talking pirate.

Tyson, the handsome pirate.

Max, the reluctant pirate.

Whitney, the demure pirate.

Lando, the bearded pirate.

Logan, the fair-of-face pirate.

Lucy, the curious pirate.

And little Lucy – the most ferocious pirate of them all!

I wish we could have gotten more of your ghoulish darlings in the hat, but alas! There are balls to be chased, water buckets to be splashed and friends to be sniffed.

So you’ll just have to make do with this, at least until next year.

Me, the crazed pirate.

 Happy Halloween and xoxo,

Vickie Jean @ WOOF


Who wants a puppy?

We mentioned Jacque’s impending trip to help at a spay-neuter clinic in Mexico (read here) but wanted to give you more information about the puppies we mentioned who are up for adoption down there.

OMG, puppies.

Can you smell that magical puppy smell through your computer monitor?

The organization Jacque will be working with – Salyulitanimals – rescued a mom and five puppies off the streets about four months ago. They spayed and neutered them, gave them their vaccines and a makeshift home at their facility.

However, they are not a shelter and are very anxious to place these wonderful pups asap. (And Mama too, if anyone is looking for an adult!)

If you have room in your heart (and living room) for a new little family member, please read on.

Jacque leaves for Mexico on September 30 and is asking for a minimum $100 donation to fly your new puppy home. All are about four months old, socialized, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and in good health.

Now, without further ado… LET’S MEET THE PUPPIES!



SEX: male – neutered

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: high energy, protective, bulky and strong, loves to play and dominate, needs a firm owner, is in dog training classes right now to shape him into a nice young gentleman.



SEX: female – spayed

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: extremely well behaved, quiet, loves water, very playful, loves toys, attention and gets along well with all other dogs.



SEX: male – neutered

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: very sweet, slightly shy, loves toys and bouncing around, extremely playful.


SEX: female – spayed

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: extremely shy, always on her back, loves belly pats, quiet, reserved, just wants security, peace, and gentle love.


SEX: female – spayed

AGE: 4 months

PERSONALITY: all around awesome, very vocal, LOVES water (always sitting in her water bowl, biting at the water spout , loves to be soaked), very playful, sweet, and listens well.


SEX: female – spayed (now!)

AGE: about one year

PERSONALITY: very loving, craves approval, easily trained, perhaps 1 year old, loyal, vocal, and loves to play.

And there you have it – six beautiful little lives you can change by opening your homes and sharing your lives.

Contact WOOF or Jacque at woofceo@yahoo.com for more details.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF


Jacque needs your help

At the end of this month, WOOF owner Jacque will make her third trip to Mexico to volunteer with Salyulitanimals.

Salyulitanimals is a grassroots organization in Salyulita, Mexico that helps villagers spay and neuter their pets at no cost – among many other amazing humane efforts. Read their full story here.

Because we work with dog-enthusiasts every day (hollah!) we’d like to ask for your help in making Jacque’s trip as impactful as possible for our international canine friends.

Getting the dog there any way possible.

Here’s the short version of how you can help:

* Donate money directly to Jacque at WOOF. Here’s what your money will buy:

$1 donation= leash or collar for a dog

$5 donation= new thermometers for our recovery kits

$20 donation= small crate to bring back a dog for adoption in the USA

* Donate directly to Salyulitanimals here.

– OR (and this is the really fun part)-

* Consider adopting a sweet dog from Mexico & Jacque will fly them here for you (keep reading!)

Jacque’s last trip in May was a huge success. In three days of non-stop surgery, she and the small team of volunteers fixed over 200 animals. Read about the May trip here.

Techs Barbara Payne Templin and Bliss Fisher prep for surgery

Jacque talks to Dr. Charlotte Burns

Veterinarian with a neck tattoo = total bad ass

Jacque would also like donations to battle a problem that has been prevalent in this region yet has grown even worse.


Jacque received word from her Salyulita friends that a new government program regulating human garbage has sadly impacted the street dogs and cats’ access to any scraps of food at all.

She hopes to raise as much money as possible for a trip to the Puerto Vallarta Costco (yes, there are Costcos in Mexico – this one about 45 minutes from Salyulita).

She vows to stock up on as much food as they can carry.

Another major goal is finding some American families to adopt dogs Salyulitanimals’ recently rescued from the streets.

The way it works is simple: Jacque will fly back with the dogs and the new family can pick them up directly from her. All she requests is a $100 donation for each dog to cover the airline ticket. And each adoptee comes already spayed/neutered with a health and rabies certificate.

(Many of you may know Pancho, Jacque’s most recent Mexican transplant – who hangs out at WOOF.)

Pancho adjusting to his American lifestyle

There are a few Salyulita rescues that really stand out as fantastic adoption candidates.

First is Blackie the poodle:

Blackie was found tied up in front of the clinic one morning. She was very skinny and had never been groomed, covered in long dread locks as her poodle coat doesn’t shed (it just grows, grows, grows.) She looked as if she had just delivered a litter of puppies, but they were not located.

The Salyulita team cleaned her up, spayed her and found her to be a lovely girl.

Here’s another view of Blackie:

Pacing, pacing, lookin’ for a couch

They guess her age to be about one, her size is “small-medium” (about 25 lbs) and her disposition is loving. In fact, the team is really anxious to find a good home for her because she seems to just plead for companionship. She is also housebroken – a HUGE plus – refusing to even go in Salyulitanimal’s yard.

Then there’s Mama and her five puppies.

Mama (standing) and one male puppy.

Mama is also about one year old, found under a water tower near a dumpster – emaciated and abandoned with (originally) eight newborn pups. Two babies died, one was adopted.

The remaining pups are about four months old – two adorable little boys and three precious little girls.

Girl pup


Boy pup in front (long tongue), girl pup in back

Another girl pup

The puppies have been socialized with humans since they were newborns so they are fantastic candidates for family pets. All are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and in good health. (Although we don’t know dad’s breed, you can guess their approximate adult size by looking at Mama.)

(Mama’s a sweetie too if anyone is interested!)

View Salyulitanimal’s full adoption list here.

Before Jacque boards her plane on Sept. 30, we’d like to:

Gather as many dollar donations as possible.

Interest some loving folks in adopting a new fuzzy Mexican roommate. (“Sit” in Spanish is “sentarse”…just FYI.)

Jacque loves this organization because she knows each dollar goes directly to the animals’ care.

Salyulitanimals founder Sara Briner

Local village girl who volunteered to hold recovering kittens post surgery

Okay. We have one week, people. Please let us know if you would like to help.

For more information, contact WOOF , Salyulitanimals or Jacque at woofceo@yahoo.com.

 Viva los perros!

Vickie Jean @ WOOF