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All kinds of cuddles

At WOOF, we try to give our guests all the creature comforts of home.

creature comforts

But we know that all the fancy kennels, beds and treats in the world can’t really replace one very important thing.


Human touch.

While your dog is here with us, we do as much individual hugging, reassuring, playing and positive touch as possible. No small feat with our dynamic, active play groups!

ears up

Woo hoo!

With this in mind DID YOU KNOW you could “schedule” individual cuddle time for your pup while staying with us? (Read all about it on our boarding services tab.)

owner cuddle

For dogs used to lots and lots of individual attention at home, this can really enhance their stay and ensure they get all the special human touch they are used to! And – especially for the lovesick, vacationing parents out there – each session includes an e-mailed or texted photo so you can check in with your pup while you’re away.

In honor of our “cuddle time,” we have put together some of our CUDDLE TIME GREATEST HITS photos.

aerial cuddle

 Aerial cuddle

bedtime cuddle

Night-night cuddle

big couch cuddle

Big dog, big couch cuddle

birthday cuddle

Birthday cuddle

goofy cuddle

Goofy cuddle

double cuddle

Double cuddle

double basset cuddle

Double basset cuddle

double basset kiss cuddle

Double basset blurry kiss cuddle

pajama day cuddle

Pajama day cuddle

And my personal favorite:

let it all hang out cuddle

Let-it-all-hang-out cuddle

So let us all remember to:

Cuddle hard

Cuddle often


Cuddle like nobody’s watching!

After all, it feels just as good to give as to get.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF