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Do dogs like music?

At WOOF, we play music in our play groups and overnight facility to soothe and entertain the dogs.

music bedroom

Our concert hall.

We pick music that is pretty easy-listening Рclassical, spa-like music, occasionally some soft oldies. When some of our staff suggest other styles, we always think: but will the dogs like that?

music 6

For example, does Posey like David Bowie?

Do dogs like music at all? And if so, what kinds? (And further, do they all like the same kind?)

I listen to music at home and wonder what Lady thinks. Driving around in the car, or hanging out in my husband’s office, Lady does seem to notice the music. I think. Sometimes. (My husband swears she likes jazz.)

jazz 2

Dancing to some slow jams.

But, you know, it’s hard to know what dogs are thinking. Unless it’s about food, play or love – you can easily project your own musical tastes on your dog.

music 9

Max here lives for Michael Jackson.

I’m pleased to report the scant research I found on this subject totally supports our musical choices at WOOF. Dr. Deborah Wells, a psychologist and animal behaviorist in Ireland, did a study in 2002 concluding dogs seem to respond most favorably to classical music. Read about the study here.

Dr. Wells had two study groups in a shelter setting: a group of dogs who listened to music or other “auditory stimulation” and a control group of dogs who didn’t listen to anything.

music 7

I would like to hear some Bob Marley.

Dr. Wells concluded that classical music had a more comforting effect compared to other kinds. With classical music, the dogs responded by resting more and barking less. Heavy metal agitated the dogs. (Surprise, surprise.)

music 8

Don’t agitate me.

Interestingly, sounds of human conversation and pop music had no effect, which she theorized was possibly due to dogs habitually being exposed to the radio and therefore not really noticing it.

music 10

Justin Bieber means nothing to me.

I think this is one case where anthropomorphising dogs is actually appropriate. Any music that makes you feel calm and relaxed will probably have a similar effect on your dog. (Unless, of course, heavy metal music calms you down – in which case, rock on but please close the windows.)

You know, it’s common sense stuff. Like music that has loud, sudden sounds will probably make your dog jumpy.

music 5

And these guys can rile up themselves just fine – they really don’t need the encouragement. ūüôā

So we’ll keep on doing what we’ve been doing. The dogs seem to like it, and it’s not so bad learning some of the classics.

music 3

Crank that Beethoven!

What kind of music does your dog like?


Dog on-the-job training

We take our roles as guardians to your dogs very seriously. Our priorities stay steadfast:

* Be safe

* Play hard

* Have fun

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t also teach one of life’s most important lessons:

* Have marketable skills


Sure, the economy is slowly improving. But things aren’t the way they used to be. Every penny counts. And we figure, since you’ve invested in WOOF as clients, we want to invest in your financial future.

It’s time to put our dogs to work.

Who couldn’t use an extra income? And don’t let these dogs fool you – they are quite capable.

So we brought everyone together and explained the WOOF Dog Training Program. Every dog took an intensive job profile personality test. Sure, there were some eye rolls. And sure, we had to repeat ourselves several times to those who lost focus when a ball flew by.

But overall, we are off to a very promising start.


(Handyman training)

It is probably not surprising that many of our trainees gravitated toward food and hospitality.

Travis, for example, volunteered to be a Taste Tester.

taste tester

Pig ears? Bully sticks? Bully sticks? Pig ears?

He described an alluring gamey/piquant quality of the pig ear. Good information because they both smell equally disgusting to us. Thanks Travis!

Some dogs tested more on the artistic, creative level. More left-brained, more emotional. Fiercely fashion-conscious.


Sadie, La Artiste


A future in retail?

cruise director

Party Planner

cruise director and guest

Party Planner, plus Socialite


Stylist to the stars

Other dogs really just wanted a good, old-fashioned trade. They are not afraid of getting a little dirty, getting up a little early, and seemed to respond to wearing uniforms.


Dog Valet

valet in full uniform

Whoops, forgot the hat

valet safety coordinator

Dog Valet Safety Coordinator

Other dogs seemed to really value being a leader. They weren’t afraid to rattle a few cages, be large-and-in-charge. (To be honest, they were a bit power-hungry.)

Jake jumped at the chance to become Human Resources Director. He sat Dog Handler Frankie down for her annual review.

human resources director 1

He didn’t mince words

human resources director 3

It was pretty intense

human resources director


Unfortunately, not everyone took their training seriously. Olive, for example, refused to do anything that was too mentally or physically taxing. She stuck to her strongest skill:

office gossip

Total Office Gossip

Oh well.

Interestingly enough, there was one job that every dog was perfectly suited to do.


Mental Health Counselor

It doesn’t pay that much but the benefits are immense.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF


All kinds of cuddles

At WOOF, we try to give our guests all the creature comforts of home.

creature comforts

But¬†we know that all the fancy kennels, beds and treats in the world can’t really replace one very important thing.


Human touch.

While your dog is here with us, we do as much individual hugging, reassuring, playing and positive touch as possible. No small feat with our dynamic, active play groups!

ears up

Woo hoo!

With this in mind DID YOU KNOW you could “schedule” individual cuddle time for your pup while staying with us? (Read all about it on our boarding services tab.)

owner cuddle

For dogs used to lots and lots of individual attention at home, this can really enhance their stay and ensure they get all the special human touch they are used to! And – especially for the lovesick, vacationing parents out there – each session includes an e-mailed or texted photo so you can check in with your pup while you’re away.

In honor of our “cuddle time,” we have put together some of our CUDDLE TIME GREATEST HITS photos.

aerial cuddle

 Aerial cuddle

bedtime cuddle

Night-night cuddle

big couch cuddle

Big dog, big couch cuddle

birthday cuddle

Birthday cuddle

goofy cuddle

Goofy cuddle

double cuddle

Double cuddle

double basset cuddle

Double basset cuddle

double basset kiss cuddle

Double basset blurry kiss cuddle

pajama day cuddle

Pajama day cuddle

And my personal favorite:

let it all hang out cuddle

Let-it-all-hang-out cuddle

So let us all remember to:

Cuddle hard

Cuddle often


Cuddle like nobody’s watching!

After all, it feels just as good to give as to get.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF


Dog Pirates

Tis almost Halloween and all month we’ve been trying to get as many pictures of our WOOF dogs in the only costume we had on hand.

One pirate hat:

I bought this snazzy number on sale for $5.99 at Petsmart with high hopes. Unfortunately, my dog (Desi the German Shepherd) would not keep it on long enough for a picture.

In fact, every time I photograph her she takes on a withering “woe is me” posture.

The dog hates having her picture taken.

I swear, in real life she is a very happy dog!

Anyway, the hat has been sitting in her basket ever since (mocking me) until I had the brilliant thought:

I work with dozens and dozens of dogs! And it’s almost Halloween!

The rest is Pirate Hat History.

Abby, the ghostly pirate.

Kiba, the frou frou pirate.

Penny, the pensive pirate.

Baxter, the formidable pirate.

Lola, the surprised pirate. ūüėĮ

Maggie, the talking pirate.

Tyson, the handsome pirate.

Max, the reluctant pirate.

Whitney, the demure pirate.

Lando, the bearded pirate.

Logan, the fair-of-face pirate.

Lucy, the curious pirate.

And little Lucy – the most ferocious pirate of them all!

I wish we could have gotten more of your ghoulish darlings in the hat, but alas! There are balls to be chased, water buckets to be splashed and friends to be sniffed.

So you’ll just¬†have to make do with this, at least until next year.

Me, the crazed pirate.

 Happy Halloween and xoxo,

Vickie Jean @ WOOF


Mona says get your vaccines!

Today I had the pleasure of taking Mona, one of our boarding guests, to get a vaccine updated. She wanted me to chronicle the trip because she had so much fun!

Mona is of “Mona and Rupert” fame. You can’t say one’s name without the other because they always come as a family to board at WOOF!

WOOF offers this “vaccine service” for a very nominal fee for those who need some last-minute assistance with being up to date with their shots.

(At WOOF, we require Rabies, Distemper-Parvo and Bordetella – more on that later…)

Luckily, we’re within two minutes of the ABC Clinic, a local veterinary hospital that partners with WOOF on providing care.

They just moved into this swanky building across the street from the In ‘n Out Burger. (Their web site is here.)

So the very kind Dr. Raj allows us to bring WOOF guests in for all sorts of vet-related issues: vaccines, injuries – you name it. We feel so safe having such a competent veterinarian nearby in case of any medical emergencies.

Back to Mona and her distemper vaccine.

Mona was more than happy to take a car ride with me. (I think she felt like making brother Rupert jealous.)

It was time to cruise.Even if the cruise was only two minutes – we of course had to look cool.

Mona just wanted to GET THERE ALREADY.

Soon she got her wish. She hopped right up and took her seat in ABC’s super swank air conditioned waiting room.

Soon there were new friends to meet.

Everyone liked Mona so much humans decided to stand so she didn’t have to give up her seat.

Our wait wasn’t long at all – even though Mona waited very impatiently because she knew SOMETHING AWESOME WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

I mean, really – isn’t something incredible on the brink of happening all the time? (Dog thinking – which I like!)

Finally a nice technician approached and got down on the floor with Mona.

It’s important to establish a level of trust and intimacy before you stick a needle in someone. ūüėé

Another tech came to hold Mona steady.

She didn’t seem too worried. And then the moment of truth came.

Good girl!

And just like that it was time to leave.

Once again we were excited for the car ride.

I showed her the paperwork so she knew it was official.

Now in case you are wondering why we bother with vaccines, here’s a short primer:

Rabies – protects against the rabies virus – for adult dogs generally updated every three years

DHPP – protects against distemper, hepatitis, parvo and parainfluenza – also updated every three years for adult dogs

Bordetella – protects against most strains of upper respiratory diseases (“doggie colds”) – like the human sickness, it is not “curable” and passes from dog to dog in the air or by contact. Frequency of this vaccines is generally every 6 months or yearly.

As you can see, getting these vaccines – ESPECIALLY if your dog is coming into contact with a lot of other dogs (like at WOOF) – is crucial to keeping them healthy.

(For all you locals, the ABC Clinic holds vaccine clinics every Wednesday from 3 to 5 pm and Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm.)

Mona has another three years of glorious distemper-parvo protection and she’s super happy about it.

Or maybe it was just the car ride?

Whatever it is, we’ll take it.

For more information about WOOFs vaccine policies or services, contact us here.


Good morning sunshine!

Mornings at WOOF start early.
Bitsy McNaughton, Olive Preble and Lady Hans
Some would say too early.
Duke and Ellie White
Ina and Tola Sellars-Cover


Bella Spamer
It’s 7 am and time for our boarding dogs at WOOF to GET UP!
If there’s any grumbling we remind them that it’s their own fault. 
(Oliver Ballard-Mick, remember you just HAD to stay up and finish your Friday night movie.)
But even those reluctant to pry themselves off their comfy Kuranda beds jump right up when they realize that the day is starting and certain good things are ahead.
Certain crunchy things that will be put in a bowl to be consumed by certain hungry individuals.
Yes, that’s right. IT IS ALMOST TIME.
Did you hear a bowl, Heidi and Beau Blomeyer?
Travis Wang and Hudson Glassman are certain they did.
Lizzy Oliva has her set up ready to go!
Well, hold on everybody. Here at WOOF, after our boarding dogs get their wake up call, their first order of business is – well, doing their business. 
No need for embarrassment, Lola Lobas.

We round everyone up and send them outside to use our special, high-tech K9 grass. Like real grass, it’s fun to squish your toes into – but so much nicer when everything drains through the anti-microbial fibers.
Ah, the wonders of technology.
Potty time goes quickly because everyone who’s anyone knows that breakfast time immediately follows.
Excuse me. I must get inside.
But as soon as the bowls go down, it’s all over. 
Everyone is rearing to go, go, go after breakfast. But we know that full bellies and hard play do not mix. So we institute a mandatory 10 minute digestion break.
Axle Kantor wonders what is taking so long.
Hold on….
Five more minutes…
It’s killing me!
Okay, go have fun!

After all, we know there are many adventures to be had at WOOF before the sun sets again.
Cooper and Tucker James know there are kisses to steal from WOOF owner Jacque.
Winston Connell understands there are seats to be claimed.
Gixer Anderson has igloos to conquer.
Lola Hansen has general busy-bodying to do.
And there’s always more movies to watch.
Soon it is night time again and the bed is calling. Our big Great Dane friend Baxter Holbrook curls up and waits for tomorrow.
(Proving our beds are big enough for even our largest guests!)
Jacque’s dog Joseph finds suitable lodging in her office. We’re pretty sure he knows where we keep the bully sticks too.
We usually have room for everyone in our boarding hotel. Here’s where you can find our current rates. Please let us know if you have any questions or special requests!
The inn is open 7 days a week.