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Extra services

When your dog stays at WOOF, did you know that you have extra options?

Kind of like when you order a burger, you can get sauteed onions, avocado or extra cheese?

(That was an extra cheesy comment and we’re okay with it!)

One week before your boarding, we will send you an e-mail with an online boarding check in link. On it, you can request:

Baths and nail trims…

Baths at WOOF
Hello Leia Stewart!

Special cuddle time…

Dog Handler Deztiney having a very special moment with Molly

Ball time!….

And let’s not forget the toys. We’ll give them out while they’re here or save them for pick up. (So you can finally answer, “what’d you bring me?” with “Look what I brought you! I’m an amazing dog parent.”)

We have funny toys:

Tree plush toys at WOOF
Tree plush toys! (because dogs love trees, of course)

 And cute toys:

more toys WOOF

 And, of course, bully sticks and pig ears, for our guests with a taste for the exotic.

pigs ears bully sticks WOOF

All of these little extras are very well priced – most are $20 and under!

We offer these little extras because every dog is different. One’s bully stick is another’s cuddle time. And as the parent, we know YOU’LL KNOW what little extra your dog will really enjoy.

Because WOOF’s boarding burger is always delicious. But who doesn’t need a little extra cheese once in a while?

Please contact us if there’s anything we can do to make your baby’s time at WOOF extra special.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF