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Hug Your Dog Day!

Leave it to a major dog food corporation to make up a holiday. But who can resist HUG YOUR DOG DAY?

Pug Hug!

The folks at Beneful declared April 10 as Hug Your Dog Day, encouraging everyone to post a photo of doggie PDA on Beneful’s Facebook page.  In return, you are entered into a contest to win something amazing!

Well, it’s just a $2 coupon.

But you do get to show off your dog love to the world and add to Beneful’s Hug-O-Meter for the day. We love the idea of keeping track of dog hugs. A good day should have a couple dozen. (At least.)

And there’s this really cute video starring Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and his own dog, 12 year old Coleman Hawkins. It’s pretty hilarious, showing different hugs (the casual hug, the deeper hug, and – as we’ve all experienced with our squirmy firends – the resistant hug):

So, in honor of this totally made-up holiday, here’s some of WOOF’s best hugs.

Jenna and Fiona
Nicky and Fred
Jacque and Reesi
Of course, dog hugs are hard not to give when the “hugg-ees” look like this:
Bert: hug me.
Bella: hug me.
Boo Boo: HUG ME!!!

Now, go forth and hug your dogs. You know you want to.


Vickie Jean @ WOOF