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Staff appreciation night

It was a typical Thursday night at WOOF. ALMOST a typical night at WOOF, that is.

There was a certain excitement in the air – a certain anticipation – as we did our normal closing rituals.

 We had one final recess before bedtime.

Come on guys, get it out of your systems!

We put everyone who was spending the night to bed.

Goodnight Ginger Keane and here’s your nylabone. We love you!

We told our personal dogs that they should take a nap too.

Lay down Olive Preble! (that’s owner Jacque’s dog…)

Stay inside, Joe Preble. (another one of Jacque’s dogs!)

It was a very special Thursday night indeed because it was STAFF APPRECIATION NIGHT at WOOF!

Yay us!

As dog caregivers, we love our work! But, make no mistake – we do WORK: keeping the facilities clean and safe for your best friend. And sometimes, no matter what you do for a living, you need to remember to appreciate your coworkers (and yourself!) for everything they do.

So Jacque, WOOF’S owner, made it a point to take the staff out to dinner. Because even though WOOF is a place of business where we take the care of your dogs very seriously, and Jacque runs a tight ship…

….it’s also fun!

 So off we headed to spend some quality time together over sweet potato fries and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them. Because we take this motto seriously.


 And our dream this particular evening was to sit down and break bread together.

The dream came true!

Excuse the dark picture – the restaurant had mood lighting!

In order to really enjoy our time together, Jacque suggested an age-old challenge. Everyone had to put their cell phones on the table.

 The first one to grab their phone (smart phone addicts anonymous anyone?) had to pay for dinner!

 Luckily, we had dessert to distract us.

Dog Handler Deztiney going to town on a chocolate indulgence type thing.

And we had left-over boxes to decorate. Deztiney chose to make an homage to a dog she hopes to own someday. (She lives in an apartment at the moment that doesn’t allow dogs – maybe that’s why she loves working at WOOF so much: to get her dog-fix!)

She’s already picked out the name Simba.

 Here we are again, with Jacque at the head of the table.


Still mood lighting, of course.

We learned a couple things from Staff Appreciation Night:

 1. We can’t resist chocolate.

2. We get tired past 8 pm.

3. We miss our dogs when we’re out.

4. We are, in fact, addicted to our phones. (But Jacque still paid – thank you, Jacque!)

Just as important as we feel it is to appreciate each other, we also want you to get to know us better. So STAY TUNED for a new addition to our web site: our About Staff section, where you can meet all the wonderful folks who look after your babies at WOOF all day.

 People like:




 We’re so proud of our staff at WOOF. Everyone here really cares about animals and it shows. We can’t wait to share with you more information about these wonderful people because we know that we are more than just the people who take care of your pets. We like to think of ourselves as your extended doggie family!

 Also, one of these staff members is starring in a local production of The Crucible…

 But you’ll have to wait to find out!

 Until then.


Vickie @ WOOF