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Wildlife at WOOF

Oh, the little critters we encounter every day at WOOF! In fact, the more we look into their furry faces, the more we start to see…


So we’ve decided to share some of our favorite DOGS WHO RESEMBLE WILDLIFE AT WOOF.

(We have a special guest named Rudy who inspired this blog. But more about him at the end.)

First up: WOOF owner Jacque’s very own little bundle of wildlife – Olive the Rodent.


In fact, Jacque says she affectionately termed Olive’s species as “Olive Rodentialis” or some sort of made-up science name. In my opinion, she also looks a little “Ren” from “Ren and Stimpy.”


We also have Missy, the black bear cub.


And Kozmo, the Arctic wolf.

Scooter, the baby possum.

And Shelby, the….

… Cute little baby! (Now, I know this isn’t wildlife per se, but I couldn’t resist pointing out Shelby’s baby-faced qualities.) But back to Rudy. He’s kind of hard to photograqph because he’s always on the go.

Ah, there he is – RUDY THE HEDGEHOG!

Rudy is a Norwich Terrier. (You may remember the breed featured on the hilarious mockumentary “Best in Show.”)


And in this particular category, we think Rudy takes the blue ribbon.


All behold RUDY THE HEDGEHOG. Inspiration to this blog, and inspiration to us all. We love you, you little hedgehog-like creature.

And that is all we had to say.

Vickie @ WOOF