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Benefits of Quality Day Care

hugs and fun

This is Rustie and Harry playing at Woof in the daycare area. Both vets and dog training professionals agree that dog daycare is a healthy way for dogs to exercise their minds and bodies. Instead of worrying that your dog is bored or anxious alone at home, you can bring them to Woof for a safe, fun day in a supervised and stimulating environment. A busy dog = a happy owner. Canines often cause trouble when they are bored or anxious, destructive behaviors like chewing, biting or barking will often surface with a bored dog. These types of behaviors are not fun for your dog, your neighbors, or you. Daycare at Woof is engaging and active. Your dog will receive the physical exercise they need to stay in shape and be on your good list! Bring your dog to Woof and they will come home happy and tired!