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Abby HAS a home

UPDATE: Jeff and Jeff, Abby’s owners, had a change of heart and decided to keep Abby!

From their e-mail:

“We have decided to try and adjust our schedules to keep Abby part of our family… We feel we owe it to her and ourselves to try harder to make our little family unit work. The thought of parting with Abby saddens us too much.”
 They also noted that Rex excitedly greeted Abby when she returned from WOOF day care – something that is new!

 We wish the best of luck to Abby and are so glad she will stay in a familiar environment with people who love her. In our book, that’s a win-win.

 Please consider all the other wonderful dogs out there for adoption. There are more Abbys that need you!

One of our most wonderful doggie guests at WOOF needs a new home.

 Presenting the super sweet Abby.
Now if that didn’t get you, here’s a close-up.
 Have you just died with cuteness fatigue? I know I did.
Last week at WOOF the staff told me there were two heartbroken men who were looking for a home for Abby. They would be coming to pick her up at the end of the day and I should talk to them.
When I met them in the lobby and proposed doing this blog, their love for Abby and reticence to give her up were immediately apparent.
Both of them (both named Jeff!) looked as if they’d just gotten off a long day of work. The Jeff in the medical scrubs smiled uncertainly as I introduced myself and offered our help.
He agreed that they wanted to find a new home for Abby but they were willing to wait for just the right one. Her being a Pit Bull worried him because he didn’t want her to end up with someone unscrupulous, looking to make her into something she wasn’t.
(Read more about nature vs. nurture in Pitt Bulls here.)
I assured him that our WOOF network would only find the cream of the crop – because our WOOF owners are themselves the very best owners! 
So attention WOOF network! (That’s you…) Please read about Abby and pass her story on to help her find a new, wonderful forever home!
Age: 8 months
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Weight: 45 pounds (average weight is 55-75 lbs)
Sex: Female- spayed
Vaccines: Up to date
Microchipped: Yes
Training: Fully potty trained, basic commands, waits to eat until given permission
Disposition: Social and friendly with dogs and people (especially loves little girls!)
Activity level: Can run up to 6 miles but is just as happy to be a couch potato
Loves to: Chew on her nylabone and bully sticks and watch TV (it’s true!)
So why would the Jeffs need to give Abby up?

A brief history:

They adopted her in November from the East County Animal Shelter in Dublin. Abby was just a 35-pound, 4-month old back then. She had been taken to the shelter with her brother, who was adopted before her.
The Jeffs were immediately attacted to her sweet face and calm temperament. Their goal was to add her to their family as a companion for their male Border Collie, Rex.
Abby and Rex
Bringing young Abby home was challenging but she proved to be a quick learner. They worked with her on potty training, eventually getting her to use the doggy door to go outside. They taught her to sit and wait for her food – she’ll only start eating when she is told, “go ahead.” She was such a joy to be around, laying in her parents’ laps as they watched TV in the evening and going on runs with them and Rex.
But as the months wore on, they worried they weren’t giving young Abby enough attention. Both of them work over 12 hours a day. Abby enjoys her day care at WOOF, whining in excitement as they drive up. But Rex – who the Jeffs hoped would grow to love Abby – would get annoyed with her when she tried to curl up with him at night on his bed.
After a lot of soul-searching, Jeff and Jeff came to the conclusion that Abby needed a family that wasn’t gone all day. Someone with children maybe, because she loves the neighborhood kids so much she always goes in for a kiss and a hug.
“We picture her living with a family with children. Or, we see her with someone that may be able to take her with them to work regularly,” they wrote. ” She would be great as a greeter in someone’s shop.”
Hello. Welcome to the shop.
They also think she may fit in well with retirees who can be at home with her all day.
“Nobody can resist her cute face,” they concluded. “Her eyes just beg for a nice pat on the head and a scratch under the chin.”
We couldn’t agree more.
If you’re interested in learning more about Abby, or know a very special home for her, contact her owners via e-mail at Or ask at WOOF’s front desk. 
Feel free to leave comments and questions in our comment section below. We’re happy to help!
Like all of our wonderful pups, Abby deserves the very best.
Vickie @ WOOF