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Sleeping & bathing beauties

Happy May Day!

Around the world people are celebrating the beginning of summer. At WOOF, we celebrate with two perfect “the weather is getting warmer” activities.


Hello, Cody Murphey
And napping:
Goodnight, Riley Murphey
For our own little tribute to May Day, we’ll share all the swimming and napping moments we captured this week.
Jesse demonstrates a common misconception among our guests. 
Jesse Feil
 That you can actually “catch” the water.
Others take a more laid back approach.
Buddy Garcia
Buddy just relishes the cool water on his toes.
Beckham, hoping the water won't make his curls frizzy


Lola keeps herself calm, cool and collected – which is quite important for these short muzzled breeds. (She’s a bulldog so we make sure she stays cool in warm weather.)

Lola Jennings
WOOF TIP: Did you know dogs with this face shape overheat easily? Dogs regulate their body temperatures by panting and breeds like bulldogs, pugs, french bulldogs, boston terriers (think “scrunched face” dogs) have an inefficient face shape to lower their body temperatures naturally. So it’s important to keep these guys in the shade and with access to cool water at all times. Learn more here.
Then there are, of course, the heavy drinkers.
Bottoms up, Heidi Bennett
Daisy Angle goes right for the source
We don’t blame them – the water is so cold and delicious!
A few shots from the “straight-up splashers” group.
Show that water who's boss, Cody Murphey!
Notice Lola standing by, getting some residual spray.
Girl power, Heidi Bennett!
This group gets cooled off and their exercise, which leads to… NAP TIME, of course.
Some choose our comfy Karunda beds.

Niki Feil

Sweet little Mindy
Others prefer a sun nap.
Big ol' Baxter Holbrook
Some curl up right on our comfy flooring in the shade.
Ina and Tola
Beckham and his TAIL
Oh, Travis
Once again, I think we can take a lesson from these dogs. It’s summer – don’t stay cooped up in front of the computer or behind the wheel of your car.
Get out there and go for a good swim. And then lay down and take a good nap.
Throw a little lunch in there somewhere and we can call that the perfect summer’s day.
Until next time.
Vickie Jean @ WOOF