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Perfect names & breed buddies

When you work around dozens upon dozens of dogs, you start to notice things. Patterns emerge. Alliances are formed. Discoveries are made.

(This might be a high-falutin’ way of saying if you stare at dogs long enough, you might go a little nuts.)

Today Nicole, one of our dog handlers, told me there were several dogs who had THE PERFECT NAMES. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about until I saw for myself.

For example, meet Peanut:

I'm Peanut!

Meet Peanut’s friend, Meatball.

Yo, I'm Meatball.

Now behold Peanut and Meatball together.












You know, Nicole, I’m starting to see what you  mean!

Now let’s look at a few more.

This is Licorice.

This is Shadow.

And this is Hades.

(Now I get The Omen reference, but if this is what H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks looks like, I’m not so afraid anymore – such a beautiful smile!)

The other thing you start to notice are BREED BUDDIES. It is an observational “fact” (if that exists, and we say it does) that like breeds tend to gravitate towards one another in the playrooms.

Look at Sammy and Buddy, the Golden Retrievers.


They always seem to sit together.

And Sarge and Lando – the king of terriers – Airedales!



They get each other’s high energy like no one else.

Also Lola and Oliver, the Puggles.

We're special.


They’re from the same family but we still consider them BREED BUDDIES.

And there’s Stella and Marzen, the German Shorthair Pointers.

We're huntin'


And last but not least, the stunning pair known as Travis and Kona, the Siberian Huskies.

This is my girlfriend.

She makes me laugh.

We're young, beautiful and in love.


So the next time someone sends you one of those funny e-mails of the owners who look like their dogs, send them this blog.

It may be that we subconsciously choose dogs who resemble us – but it’s also true that dogs know a few things too.

Like that they have the perfect name and totally own it!

Or recognize their own and like what they see.



Vickie Jean @ WOOF


An epic battle

At WOOF, we try to keep things exciting.

We have spirited staff meetings.

We love on our dogs.

We check safety stations and fluff beds.

We do other things we’re not so proud of.

When this happens we know it’s time to do something more stimulating. For us, and the dogs!
In the left corner, in WOOF blue, is Nicky, Dog Handler Extraordinaire!
In the right corner, in a glossy coat of yellow, is Bonnie Taylor, mild-mannered Golden Retriever and Master Tugger!
Let’s watch the action.

See how Bonnie twists and gets the upper paw here?

Silly human.

 I always win.

Tune in next time for other exciting WOOF events, like CUDDLE TIME! TENNIS BALL EXTRAVAGANZA!


Until then –

Vickie @ WOOF


Good morning sunshine!

Mornings at WOOF start early.
Bitsy McNaughton, Olive Preble and Lady Hans
Some would say too early.
Duke and Ellie White
Ina and Tola Sellars-Cover


Bella Spamer
It’s 7 am and time for our boarding dogs at WOOF to GET UP!
If there’s any grumbling we remind them that it’s their own fault. 
(Oliver Ballard-Mick, remember you just HAD to stay up and finish your Friday night movie.)
But even those reluctant to pry themselves off their comfy Kuranda beds jump right up when they realize that the day is starting and certain good things are ahead.
Certain crunchy things that will be put in a bowl to be consumed by certain hungry individuals.
Yes, that’s right. IT IS ALMOST TIME.
Did you hear a bowl, Heidi and Beau Blomeyer?
Travis Wang and Hudson Glassman are certain they did.
Lizzy Oliva has her set up ready to go!
Well, hold on everybody. Here at WOOF, after our boarding dogs get their wake up call, their first order of business is – well, doing their business. 
No need for embarrassment, Lola Lobas.

We round everyone up and send them outside to use our special, high-tech K9 grass. Like real grass, it’s fun to squish your toes into – but so much nicer when everything drains through the anti-microbial fibers.
Ah, the wonders of technology.
Potty time goes quickly because everyone who’s anyone knows that breakfast time immediately follows.
Excuse me. I must get inside.
But as soon as the bowls go down, it’s all over. 
Everyone is rearing to go, go, go after breakfast. But we know that full bellies and hard play do not mix. So we institute a mandatory 10 minute digestion break.
Axle Kantor wonders what is taking so long.
Hold on….
Five more minutes…
It’s killing me!
Okay, go have fun!

After all, we know there are many adventures to be had at WOOF before the sun sets again.
Cooper and Tucker James know there are kisses to steal from WOOF owner Jacque.
Winston Connell understands there are seats to be claimed.
Gixer Anderson has igloos to conquer.
Lola Hansen has general busy-bodying to do.
And there’s always more movies to watch.
Soon it is night time again and the bed is calling. Our big Great Dane friend Baxter Holbrook curls up and waits for tomorrow.
(Proving our beds are big enough for even our largest guests!)
Jacque’s dog Joseph finds suitable lodging in her office. We’re pretty sure he knows where we keep the bully sticks too.
We usually have room for everyone in our boarding hotel. Here’s where you can find our current rates. Please let us know if you have any questions or special requests!
The inn is open 7 days a week.