WOOF understands your dog needs a little spiffing up once in a while, especially when they are playing hard with us!

We are happy to offer baths to our daycare and boarding clients.

little dirty fancy

WOOF’s bath prices (by body weight):

1-25 lbs $25

26-50 lbs $30

51-75lbs $35

75lbs+ $40

Our baths include: shampooing the whole body (everywhere!), blueberry & oatmeal facial (gets face super clean and erases tear stains), ear cleaning with veterinary-grade cleaner, complete squeaky-clean rinse, vigorous towel dry, leave-in coat conditioner and a “finish” dry in our kennel blow-dryer.

getting clean fancy

About WOOF baths:

  • We are not professional groomers – we are daycare and boarding professionals who offer baths for our clients’ convenience. We don’t do haircuts or professional-grade brush outs. We don’t hand-dry your dog – he or she may be slightly damp at pick up. However, we have professional grooming equipment and do our very best to provide a safe, convenient bath for our doggy guests while they are enjoying playtime with us.
  • When requesting a daycare bath, please note your pick up time to our receptionist!
  • If you are boarding your dog and would like to pick up earlier or later than planned, please contact us so we can adjust your exit bath date/time!
  • We do our baths as our play schedule allows, so we can’t always do them right before your pick up time  – please specify if you’d like your dog kept out of our playgroup post-bath and we can have him/her wait in a kennel to ensure optimal cleanliness!
  • We prefer not to bathe certain “double-coated” or heavy-coated breeds like Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, St. Bernards, Bearded Collies, etc., because they require a professional brush out to avoid matting. We will let you know if this is a concern!
  • We do not express anal glands.

love the warm water

*WOOF no longer offer nail trims – please let us know if you’d like a recommendation for a local veterinarian or groomer who can assist you with this service.

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Still have questions? Contact us!