Let your dog work out ALL THAT ENERGY while you’re at work!

Dog daycare is a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically fit while you are away for the day. It encourages socialization and alleviates loneliness and boredom for dogs with busy parents.

At WOOF, all of our dog guests enjoy indoor-outdoor access, playing with friends matched by age, size and energy level.

How do we do this?

Each day, we see who our guests are and match them in play groups based on size, play styles and compatibility, using the four play yards available in both our daycare and boarding buildings. We like to think of it as planning the ultimate play party!

Our indoor play yards have rubber flooring, safe for lots of running, jumping and pivoting. Outside we proudly feature K9 Grass, the only artificial turf designed to keep your dog clean and reinforce good potty habits. (Urine drains right through!)


Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm, BY RESERVATION ONLY.

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Drop off: 8 to 10 am / Pick up: 5 to 7 pm (by special appointment only!)

* On weekends, we play in the boarding building. All dogs are in nap time between 12 to 4 pm. Although play time is more limited, we offer it for clients who need a safe, comfortable place for their dogs to get supervision, regular potty breaks and have a few hours of romping with friends while they tend to weekend activities. Please contact us for more details. *

More about WOOF’s Spectacular Doggie Daycare:

  • All WOOF dogs are friendly, well-socialized and pre-screened to exhibit appropriate behavior
  • Dogs are separated into large and small dog playgroups
  • Dogs are free to romp and play with each other under strict staff supervision
  • Dogs always have access to both indoor and outdoor play arenas
  • Outdoor play yards feature K9 Grass, fresh air and sunshine (and pools in the summer!)
  • We ensure all dogs are current on vaccinations and in good health
  • Inside and outside areas are clean, hygienic and as sweet-smelling as humanly possible!
  • Hugs & kisses all day, every day – no charge!

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