Fiona Waterman
“I trust the staff at WOOF to take care of my dog while I’m at work.  She loves the people there, and I am so impressed that the turnover rate in staff has been very low over the past couple of years – a credit to Jacque, the owner.

My energetic dog is so happy to jump out of the car in the morning to head in for some play time with her dog and human buddies. I like that there are outdoor areas, and that the ‘big dog’ and ‘small dog’ areas are separate. It’s very obvious that my dog has some good buddies on the staff there, and she loves spending time with them, as is evident by her happy tail wagging and willingness to jump out of the car first thing in the morning to head inside for another fun day at WOOF!”

–          Lisa Waterman, “Fiona”

“My husband and I finally, after 20 years of being ‘dog-less,’ took the big step and brought Beckham, our Golden Doodle, into our lives. It was like bringing a newborn baby home. We both Beckham Boothwork so we took vacation to help Beckham and us adapt. We explored all kinds of daycare options and when it was WOOF’s turn we were so excited.

The employees were so genuine about caring for all the dogs. They knew each dog’s name and personality, and who buds around with whom. Beckham plays so hard that when we pick him up he is just as tired as we are! We liked the idea that the dogs get socialized instead of being put in a kennel by themselves. It is so cool to see them play, and if they get tired, they hop on a lounge!

Our minds were at ease knowing that Beckham was in good hands. Topping everything off, the days and hours of operation were the best and to add to it, boarding was available, so Beckham was quite at home with his buddies (dogs and humans).

It is so nice to put one’s mind at ease knowing that our ‘baby’ is in good, trusting hands and that he is one happy puppy looking forward to his next visit!”

–          Candice & John Booth, “Beckham”

“WOOF is not just a place for our dogs to play during the day. WOOF is a second family.

Joey-Phoebe OlsonThe team at WOOF takes care of our pups just like we would. They give them love, attention, keep them safe and genuinely care for them. We love that Joey and Phoebe have a wonderful play group to hang out with when we are at work, and that they love going there. Joey and Phoebe literally jump out of the car when we pull up (greeted by the valet staff the come out to greet your pups). They are pooped pups when they return home with happy smiles and tails wagging from an exciting, play-filled day at WOOF.

When Joey got sick and Phoebe had surgery, the WOOF team called to see how they were doing. What other place do you know cares that much for your dog?  They have never been injured at WOOF – again something many places cannot say. I appreciate that the rates are very reasonable for the care our pups receive. Do yourself and your furry friend a favor – trust WOOF for daycare and boarding. “

–          Jennifer & Chris Olson, “Joey” & “Phoebe”

“It is clear to us that our dogs Butch and Sundance love their time at WOOF. When we drop them off, there is no hesitancy on running in quickly to join with the other dogs in the festivities. I haveButch-Sundance Abbott always been impressed with the professionalism and quality of the overall operations and care at WOOF. They treat your dog as a true extension of your family. We travel a lot and it gives us great peace of mind to know that our dogs are safe, loved and well cared for when we can’t be there. WOOF cares about your dog so much, they will even take your dog for vaccinations while they are at WOOF – so you don’t have to!”

–          Lisa & Nick Abbott, “Butch” & “Sundance”

Denali Moore
“My dog and I are so lucky to have found our way to WOOF Daycare and Boarding. My little dog
loves to spend her days playing with other dogs and the fact that she can stay there during my frequent business trips makes it very easy to make all the arrangements for her care with a single e-mail. Not only is my dog happier being occupied all day, but there is an added benefit of keeping her sleek and trim by giving her a full day of exercise. I am delighted with the staff and the care WOOF provides and the fact that the facility is always spotless. I cannot say enough good things about WOOF and give it a four-star recommendation as an EXCELLENT board and care facility.”

–          Carol Moore, “Denali”

“My dog and I love WOOF! I have been bringing my Great Dane, Baxter, to WOOF since he was four months old. Taking your adult dog to stay with strangers is one thing, but taking your new Baxter Holbrookpuppy to doggy day care is another. I was anxious about leaving him with anyone.

I took a tour of WOOF and fell in love with the staff. It was clear to me that this was a sincere, caring group of animal lovers. After a short introductory visit, both Baxter and I were sold on the place. Almost a year-and-a-half later, he still jumps out of the car and runs into the building, looking forward to a day of play. I bring him to WOOF five days a week and have boarded him on numerous occasions. I trust Jacque and her staff completely. They are very attentive to me and Baxter and provide outstanding customer service. They keep me informed on Baxter’s daily activities and, of course. how his overnight stays go.

The cost is very reasonable and I truly believe that they under-promise and over-deliver. The location is very convenient and easy to access. Everyone I know is aware of how I feel about my dog – they understand that I have very high standards for his care. I cannot say enough good things about WOOF. I would recommend it to everyone.”

–          Tony Holbrook, “Baxter”