WOOF – A Five Paw Hotel and Daycare for Dogs!

Welcome to WOOF, a special place for dog lovers in the East Bay who want a higher level of service for their furry family members.

We are a boutique hotel and daycare, entertaining a small group of hand-selected dogs at a time. This ensures that each guest has plenty of personal space and receives lots of one-on-one attention from the staff.

Your WOOF staff is fully trained in safe dog handling techniques. All aspects of our protocol have your dogs’ safety in mind, including pre-screening of all guests, safe introduction and pack management techniques, mid-day rest periods and a no-collar play policy to reduce the risk of dog entanglement and injury.

Each staff member is carefully selected, making sure they are committed and caring animal lovers who already knows a lot about dog care and is eager to receive ongoing education regarding canine health and behavior.

We believe dogs are an important part of our families and our lives. We strive to give them a safe, loving place to thrive when they aren’t with their own families. It is our mission to keep them safe and happy, exercising both their minds and bodies while you’re at work, on vacation, or simply taking a few days for yourself.

Come and explore what sets WOOF apart from the rest of the pack!

Fiona Waterman


“I trust the staff at WOOF to take care of my dog while I’m at work.  She loves the people there, and I am so impressed that the turnover rate in staff has been very low over the past couple of years – a credit to Jacque, the owner.”

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